Engine Component Kits

Custom Design Cams Stage 1 C
(Custom Design Cams) Stg 1C
"Here at NER cam design never stops. Steve continually tests and develops new cams based off testing here at NER and from our customer feedback. The latest cam designs are only done here at NER, call or e-mail us about your needs we are glad to help.

Custom NER solid roller cams start at $475.00 for std cores. Add for larger cores or firing order swap cams.

Cam Lifters - Stage 2 C
(Get the right lifters with your cam) Stg 2C
NER also offers you the right lifters for you cam. We use Isky red zone, Crane pro-series, Crower, and Jesel. We want to help you get the right lifter, we wont sell you the cheapest lifter, but we will tell you what you need and what we use in our own personal engines.

Cam and lifter kits Start at $925.00 and can go up depending on lifter choice.

Springs - Complete Cam Kit - Stage 3 C
(Complete cam kit) Stg 3C
At NER we will set you up with the right springs, retainers and keeper for our profiles too! We use only the highest quality parts so they are not cheap but they are proven. We use Comp cam springs and we also use PAC springs, xceldyne keepers and retainers along with comps depending on the application. If you need valves too we can do that! We use Ferrea, Manley, Xceldyne.

Complete cam kits vary but start at $1,450.00. Valves run $18.00 each for steel, to $100.00 each for custom titanium.

NER Piston and Ring Packs - Stage 1 P
(NER piston and ring packs) Stg 1P
Steve's development of piston and dish / dome profiles continues here at NER. As can be seen by the pictures on this site we use a multitude of crown designs, Flat tops, inverted domes, spherical dish, conical dish, button dish and a round dish. Different engines respond differently to the quench area we give it, the most noted is the BBCHRY's. As with most all of our items we sell, it comes from the school of hard knocks, there was a problem, we work to find the solution, we test it, then we sell it.

The other thing you will see in our pistons is they are hard anodized. This is the same procedure done to the Nitro pistons, it makes the pistons very tuff and it is NOT a coating like ceramic or Teflon skirts. Minor misses in tune up that would have lifted a ring land are totally eliminated, skirts are less appt to collapse and wont scuff, unless your tune up is so far out in right field you can't be seen.

Third thing is the ring pack. We sell all our pistons with Total Seal steel tops, Napier seconds and varying oil rings, depending on the application we may use a Dyke ring, 1/16 std style ring, .043" in the tops. Radial wall thickness may vary too but in general we are looking for a bullet proof ring pack so std D wall will apply in most cases. 4th we only use Nickel carbon steel alloy Pins in applications above 1200HP and below we use a high carbon Pin. No std cheap Pins that come with shelf pistons.

If you want the right pistons, the right crown design, and the right ring pack, you need NER's.

NER piston ring packs are $1,450.00 for most applications, and are made for us by J.E. and Diamond.

Piston Pack with Rods - Stage 2 P
(Piston Pack with Rods) Stg 2P
Rods rods rods, with piles of broken and bent ones we got a good idea of the good ones and what is needed. In general a Eagle rod or equivalent with good bolts we use to 1000 to 1200 HP. After that we like Crower forged or the Lunati ProMod Rod which is now discontinued. We are working with some others with good success like the Howards Billet, Oliver billets, Crower Billets all these in steel. As far as aluminum goes we use MGP's, Brooks or R+R's. All these rods are real good High quality rods, and we can supply you the correct rods for your application!

Piston and rod Packs start at $1,950.00 for the Eagle / Scat rods with bolts.

Rod Crank Rotating Assemblies - Stage 3 P
(Rotating Assemblies) Stg 3P
If you want the best in assemblies we got it. We use Callies, Lunati, Crower, Scat, and Bryant cranks, and ACL H race bearings with our Piston, Ring, Rod packs. Remember they need a dual Key if you are using a ProCharger bigger than a D1SC. Small block cranks can use a std snout up to 1200 HP IF you use one of our Romac / ATI big hub balancers. This will keep the balancer hub from deforming and coming off. A blower hub can be used but we prefer the damper due to its abilities to absorb more of the torsional forces.

Rotating assemblies start at $2,900.00 depending on Grade of Crank and Rods. Add a Blower balancer starting at $275.00 for the big hub SBC, and $305.00 for the BBC