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BullsEye Power and Air Works Turbo's
At NER we are a dealers for Bulls Eye Power, Air Works turbo's. Below we have listed the common turbo's and their specs. 

This is the 95 / 98 mm S595 Turbo
This is the 95 / 98 mm S595 Turbo:
T-6 flange 98/108mm turbine wheel options.
1.15 or 1.45 A/R.
Great turbo, results have shown this turbo to be on average 50HP better than the others 101's.

S595 mm $2350.00
S598 mm $2699.00

This is Borg's 87/91 mm S487/91 Turbo
This is Borg's 87/91 mm S487/91 Turbo:
Excellent twins for big power applications.
T-6 flange  98/108mm turbine wheel options.
1.45 A/R only.

S487 mm $1980.00
S491 mm $2340.00

Bulls Eye Powers S480 Race cover
Bulls Eye Powers  S480 Race cover:
Solid 40HP better than Borg's std S480 below.
(Note radius inlet pic and can have V-band or std outlet).
Excellent turbo, equivalent to a GT4788.
T-6 flange.
1.32 A/R 96mm turbine wheel.
.90,  1.00,  1.10,  1.25 A/R with 83mm turbine wheel.
1.10 with 87mm turbine wheel.

Bulls Eye Power S480  $1350.00

This is Borg's S480 with their case
This is Borg's S480 with their case:
Still a good turbo.
T-6 flange1.32 A/R 96 mm turbine wheel only.

Borg's S480  $995.00

S475 with Bulls Eye race cover
S475 with Bulls Eye race cover:
T-6 1.32 A/R 96mm Turbine wheel $1150.00

T-6 .90  1.00  1.10  1.25 A/R 83mm turbine $1520.00.

The Borg std cover S475  (only) 1.32 A/R 96 mm TW $650.00.

With BullsEye 20 minutes down the road inventory is not a problem!

BullsEye Header Stock

Other turbo's available. Call for specs.
S472  from $650.00 to $1420.00 with race covers.
S380  T-4  $1800.00.
S374  T-4  From $1440.00 to $1710.00 for race cover and add $300.00 for 87mm TW.

All BullsEye Power turbo's are available here at good pricing! Call NER!

At NER we offer custom built stainless/mild steel headers.  Cold Side and complete Hot side fabrication. 

Mild steel turbo headers start at $2000.00 and stainless headers start at $3000.00.

Custom Headers

Custom Built Headers