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New Era Racecraft introduces the BETTER Centrifugal Supercharger Gear Drive

Save wear and tear on your crank shaft, no belts means fewer problems.

The New Era Racecraft Gear Drive fixes the bushing failure problems as well as gear failure issues associated with maximum effort, centrifugally blown drag race applications. Bushing problems are eliminated by our US patent pending Drive Flange. The Drive Flange's increased surface area spreads the drive load across a larger area producing a more reliable coupler. By driving directly off the crank's centerline it eliminates side load on the crank shaft commonly occurring with traditional, weak belt drive bracketry. Unlimited gear possibilities make this Gear Drive infinitely adjustable to your desired blower RPM settings. Raised and rotated, the Gear Drive provides greater clearance, therefore reducing rack and pinion interference issues.

These Gear Drives are available to fit Vortech and ProCharger superchargers and can be made on an individual basis to fit your custom application. Available for Small Block, Big Block, LSX Chevy/GM and small Ford. Big Ford and Chrysler applications coming soon.

Only available here at NER. The T.A.D. Plate.

This comes from true innovation in centrifugal engine building.  The Gear drives are great, but the bushings are not. We have developed this new Torsional absorbing drive plate, the T.A.D.  The plate absorbs up to 7.5 degrees of rotation both sides of zero for a total of 15 degrees of possible movement.  What does this mean?  it means our T.A.D. system absorbs the harmonics that the crank tries to send to the blower with variable spring rates, and 7.5 degrees of clockwise and counter clockwise movment, thus absorbing these harmful pulses to the blower.

We will have testing video up soon so keep checking back.

The T.A.D. will come with our own crank hub, replacing your balancer or exsisting hub.

Call us for pricing and any other info.

Torsional absorbing drive plate

Torsional absorbing drive plate

Torsional absorbing drive plate

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