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Jon Suiter Procharger

When i wanted to convert my roots blower(6-71) small block, over to a procharged setup, I gave Steve a call. He set me up with a 1200hp combo, that consisted of a block, piston & ring pack, rods, cam, carb and procharger, and doubled my horsepower. I went from a 355c.i. roots blower (620 hp) to a 372 c.i. intercooled F-2 procharger and made (1221hp & 929tq). If you are considering blow through, or want to make the switch, then steve is definitely the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Marc Lamude Procharger
Marc Lamude Procharger 2

When i needed to convert my old nitros motor to a Procharged motor there was only one name i needed to contact,and that was Steve Morris of Newera Racecraft..i discussed a combination with Steve to make around 1600hp on pump gas and bought one of his engine builder packages,which consisted of F2 procharger piston & rings, camshaft,dual needle and seat carb,pro hat,intercooler and ice box ,also no end of advice over the phone.The car is more Street than race 98% street 2% race.I use the car on the road every day and the power is incredible,which is down to the combination.I cant recommend Steve enough,top fella and really knows his blowthrough stuff.
I hope to run the car end of 2009,and reckon on some decent times.
Thanks for all your help Steve.
Regards Marc Lamude..UNITED KINGDOM.

Johan Samuelsson's twin 91MM borg warners alky BBC with std style heads.
Johan Samuelsson's twin 91MM borg warners alky BBC with std style heads.

Johan Samuelsson's twin 91MM borg warners alky BBC with std style heads. Johan could not keep valves from tuliping and also could not get engine to RPM. We did a camshaft, and valve train package for Johan with a set of our custom designed hard coat piston and ring packs. This little BBC made over 2800 HP at 8000 RPM with no issues at 35 PSI boost.
"Thanks Steve your parts and tech were awesome, very happy. Johan Samuelsson"

Corey McShane - Pinks All Out event at O'Reilly Raceway Park

Hello Steve,
I am attaching a couple of pictures of my car from the Pinks All Out event at O'Reilly Raceway Park, the car ran a best 9.74 at 140. I did not get picked for the competition but without your help on the carburetor and fuel system the car would not have even made it down the track!!! 548 BBC, F2, 15 PSI with HYD roller cam, 4150 carb and ProHat.
Thanks again,
Corey McShane

Robert Tisdales 540 from Alberta Canada for his 70's camaro
Robert Tisdales Dyno Numbers

Robert Tisdal's 565 from Alberta Canada for his 70's camaro Robert bought our Piston and ring pack, F2 blower, carb, hat and cam kit. This engine started out a 1200+ hp on pump gas, but with tuning help over the phone the end result was 1509 all on pump gas!

Swedish Pro Turbo Truck

The Pro Turbo Truck story:
The Swedish Pro Turbo Truck, run and built by Paolo Andreini and crew is powered by a 448cui twin turbo BB Chevrolet on methanol. Due to problems during the 2007 season the motor was upgraded with Bullseye Power turbo's and Steve Morris valvetrain for 2008. 
"We turned to Steve Morris for a low maintenance valvetrain that would still deliver the power and 9000+ rpms we where looking for" says crew chief Jocke Mellberg.
The motor received a basic dyno tune-up at VM Performance, Sweden and at 2537hp @ 32psi and 8500rpm it made 300hp more than with the 2007 combination and this at the same boost and rpm! Interesting note is that the combination is really designed for 45+ psi boost.
Early on Paolo ran a 6.59sec and once the team figures out how to use all that reliable power the times should start dropping.
Thanks, Steve and Bullseye Power for your support during 2008.
Swedish Pro Turbo Truck Team

Mike Coffey

I can't say enough about Steve Morris and New Era Racecraft. He was a great help when I converted my Nitrous Oxide motor to a Procharger Centrifugal supercharged motor. Now that I am building a 1300 plus horse power street and strip small block chevy, Steve has been there with help and great information every step of the way.

So if you are building a motor yourself and you need quality parts and quality information or you are looking to buy a complete built and dynoed motor package, I can't see how you can go wrong with New Era Racecraft!

Mike Coffey

Larry Brockie

Thanks again for all of your help. That cam works awesome! Larry Brockie

Paul Ferrucci

Thanks for the help you have given me in the last few years with this ProCharger blow through setup!...With 4 true street championships and having the consistency with a radial car to win the ProCharger challenge this year at Maple Grove I can’t be any happier. The car has performed beyond my expectations. I have run as fast as 8.15@171 with my 3,700 lb Malibu on radials and full exhaust.

Next year 2009 I believe we will have another great year with the new F3 from ProCharger and a larger Steve Morris cam and EFI. Can we say 7’S for true street in 09 no doubt.

Thanks Steve for all your help, Paul Ferrucci

Malcolm & Marcia Motler

After running low tens with our naturally aspirated 374ci SBC we contacted Steve Morris and asked him if he could put together a package that would get our all steel 2700 lb Morris Minor pickup truck into the nines. Steve made us a custom mount for a D1SC including the pipe-work, supplied us with H-Beam rods, piston and ring package, one of his roller cams with valve springs, blow through carb, one of his hats, complete stage one fuel system, head gaskets, spark plugs, etc. Steve told us this package would make 700hp with 10 pounds of boost on our 98 octane pump gas with the rest of our engine components.

On the dyno it made 752hp @ 7000rpm with exactly 10 pounds of boost and has pushed our truck to a 9.32 @ 144.7 mph with a 1.28 60 ft with a 3600 RPM trans brake launch! WOW. We are now going to up the boost a little to try for an 8 second run (be a shame not to). Steve is a man of his word, knows what he's doing and a gentleman to deal with! We would highly recommend him to anybody.

Good luck with the new venture.
Malcolm & Marcia Motler
Spellbound Drag Race Team, from the UK

Matt Renz

We wanted to build a ProCharged 540 engine, for our car and our research brought us to Steve Morris. After speaking with him we felt Steve was the best guy for our motor. When the engine was ready for us (3 weeks early) and the price was never increased, we were very surprised because here in Chicago our local engine shops are commonly Late on most every project we have done! Also the price normally increases the longer they have the motor! Steve's customer service and his willingness to travel and help us tune the car here in Chicago was a huge help for us.
We feel we have finally found a happy home for our shop. Steve is a great engine builder and a even better friend.

Our Sincerest Thanks,
Matt Renz
4100 lbs Biscayne street driven and running 8.70's

Sales and Information Department
Midwest Muscle Cars

Chris Kephart

I needed a cam for a new motor I was building. It is a Vortech Supercharged BBC. I heard the name Steve Morris so I gave him a call and told him what I had. He was great with helping to get us the right cam the first time. Thank you Steve for all your help. BBC 509 Vortech Supercharger, Dart heads. Dart manifold, Fuel injection, Fast, Lunati crank, BME rods, Ross pistons, Steve Morris camshaft, Mike's transmission monster glide, Making around 2000 HP on C-16. Car is a 1962 Impala SS.

If you want to build a Supercharged motor do yourself a favor and call Steve Morris at New Era Racecraft.

Thank you, Chris Kephart

Jim Plimpton

When I went looking for an engine builder to make me huge horsepower on 93 octane, I didn't have to look far. I knew my 15 to 1 nitrous engine wouldn't live on 93 octane for the Pump Gas Drags and didn't have time to mess around. Steve Morris gave me a price and a horsepower promise of 1600 plus. The only thing that was more was the horsepower and it was also completed on time!!

You couldn't ask for better performance or customer service.
Steve Morris quality is not expensive, it is priceless!

Jim Plimpton
2008 Hot Rod Magazine "Pump Gas Drags" Champion
Dynomax "Power To The Wheels" Top 5 Finalist
Owner/Driver of Fastest Pump Gas Car In America!

Josh Fugate 1969 Chevrolet Z/28 Camaro 522 Big Block Chevy

1969 Chevrolet Z/28 Camaro 522 Big Block Chevy. Steve Morris Carb Hat Steve Morris Camshaft, F2 full Exhaust System 3 1/2 Flowmasters Currently running on 15 psi. Car weighs 3,700 lbs. Mini tubbed with full interior Ladder bar suspension Stock Control Arm Front Suspension 29 x 10.5W Slicks Best pass: 5.38 at 138 mph in 1/8th Mile Car is still driven on the street. I wanted to let you know that the car ran the best pass ever the other night and send you a link to a video of the car doing a wheel stand at the track and get your thoughts. I also wanted to let you know that I am very interested in what you will having going on with your new business and I intend to contact you soon in the near future should I need anymore parts or guidance.

Thanks, Josh Fugate

Dave Kaveshan ProCharged 540

3,720 lbs on 295/65, went 1.34 in 60 ft, 5.69 at 125.8 in the 1/8th


Just checking back in with you to say THANKS again. After two years, this pump gas ProCharged 540 you built for me has proven to be dead-nuts reliable and makes incredible power!! I really appreciated the help and advice you gave me to make sure the car was ready for it before and after I picked it up too, like the fuel and exhaust systems. I spend more time cleaning and polishing on it than tuning it, and it continues to drop jaws when people see how fast this old heavy El Camino runs at the track, then turn around and drive it down the freeway to work.

Regards, Dave Kaveshan

Will Stevenson

I started working with Steve Morris a few years ago now and could not be happier with all he has done for me. With his Blow Through parts and always being available to give tech help any day or night our racing program continues to step up! I tell everyone to use Steve Morris at New Era Racecraft!

Will Stevenson
4.75 1/8 mile, 7.33 192 1/4 mile
3,350 lbs on Drag Radials

Jeff Covey Incredible Hulk Corvette

THE INCREDIBLE HULK CORVETTE built by Jeff Covey, engine by Steve Morris, paint by Larry Kennedy.

Thanks for everything,
Big Al

I have recently made the switch from nitrous to a blow thru and have been dealing with a business from the forum here and have a little feedback that people might want to know about THE REAL Steve Morris....
I have bought several different things from Steve over the past few months all in separate transactions.
I have called him MULTIPLE times per day/week.
I have called him from the track on weekends needing help with stuff I got from him.
And you know what I have gotten out of it?????

ANYONE needing help or parts for a blow thru that is looking for a reliable, honest, upstanding person to deal with should call Steve Morris!!

Dan Faulkner